Skilled & Semiskilled Manpower

We offer consultancy services to our clients regarding recruiting unskilled manpower. Our consultants efficiently manage the recruitment needs of clients and work closely with the hiring manger to judge the aptitude, skills and experience of candidate. We also maintain a data containing all the information of applicants like their age, expected wage and other related things that helps our clients in selecting the right person for their company.

We have been supplying a great number of unskilled labours of all categories of jobs to most of industries located in and around Bangalore. We pride ourselves on being one of the leading labour supplying agencies in Bangalore.

Office support staff viz, Front Office, Accounts, HR.

Our professionals are trained for various office works and they work in harmony to meet the requirements of clients. We provide various professionals like financial professional, information and record clerks, software operators, several other office support staffs and administrative support staffs who are adept in their field of activities. Our staffs oversee the operation of clients’ office systems and ensure that they work as per the requirements of clients. Our staff is associated even with small supportive office services including mail management, riders management, office boys management.

Our employees are cheerful, well groomed, and articulate with appropriate attire. Our staff possess time management discipline and understanding of nature of our job. We understand that all organizations need timely and effective office and administrative support services to operate efficiently and this has enabled us to provide our clients with the best of administrative support staff.