IT Room

We undertake the cleaning of various types of computer rooms from ISO Class 2 Clean rooms to general rooms used as server rooms. We are able to clean these to an agreed specification and a high level of quality. The frequency of cleaning these rooms will depend on many factors including the protocols you have in place to combat the ingress of dust.

We over the years have provided our service in cleaning of the following:

    •        Data centre
    •        Server room
    •        Computer room
    •        Media room
    •        Media equipment
    •        Communication room

Potted plants refurbishing and maintenance
We are one of the well-known companies offering refurbishing services to Potted Indoor Plants Our services are offered to our clients with the guidance of keeping a good care of these plants. These plants are provided with a natural look and are available in a medley of colors. We offer these indoor plants for hotels, offices and other commercial and residential areas.

Shampooing of carpets
Our carpet and Chair Shampooing services are extensively offered to offices, MNCs, call centers, corporate houses, etc. We use excellent quality liquid solution for cleaning carpet and chairs in order to protect them from dust, scratch and spots. Utilizing advanced methodology, our cleaning process is efficiently carried out by our well trained professionals.
Our professionals are specially trained in the care of several fabric types, even the most delicate to ensure that clients’ premise retains the original luster even after cleaning. They choose the proper upholstery cleaning services for the furniture. We use specially designed tools to gently clean folds and crevices and ensures the entire piece is entirely clean. Our clean air upholstery cleaning service restores the beauty and extends the life of upholstered furniture, a precious possession of clients.