Hard Services

Seamless performances of equipments and installations are highly important and critical to the business environment . GK ensures that a robust process and system is designed  considering Efficiency, Health, Safety and Environment, Risk management and cost benefits to the facility .

We also work in close coordination with nominated supply partners, sub contractors ensuring their performance while cross mapping all  processes and systems with the client’s quality management systems like ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS etc.

Our Operations and Maintenance services cover the following systems :

  • Electrical
  • UPS
  • DG
  • Building Management ( BMS )
  • HVAC
  • Plumbing and Water Management
  • Waste Treatment Plant /Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Minor project works
  • Energy Audit
  • Carpentry and Masonry

Our GK Facility Management Software provides optimal asset life cycles and maintenance management solutions.

Functions : 

  • Helpdesk
  • Asset maintenance
  • Inventory management

Electro-Mechanical Services :

  • Planned Preventative Maintenance schedules – All assets and Mechanical , Electrical  , Plumbing and Drainage systems
  • Maintenance of all assets at optimum performance levels  , as per OEM specs and  recommendations made by  local professional bodies that includes all  statutory obligations
  • Periodical review of all current PPM schedules during Mobilization phase and thereafter
  • Provide necessary support to any Business Contingency Plan situation as directed by the client
  • Timely identification and rectification of faults that are recorded , are time bound and shared to facilitate quality analysis
  • Statutory inspections with comprehensive inspection programmers in accordance with industries best practices.
  • Periodical review on condition of premises and equipments covered within the contract  ex :  Electrical equipment and systems , Mechanical equipment and systems , Plumbing systems , Building Fabric , External Areas , Fixtures and fittings

Breakdown Maintenance :

  • Reduce Downtime
  • Failure Analysis
  • Recording events
  • Refer Case studies/ Best Practices  as preventive measures

Preventive Maintenance :

  • Reduction of equipment down time.
  • Higher operating efficiencies
  • Extended life time of equipments
  • Protection against unexpected failures
  • Historical logs of equipment condition and service

Routine Maintenance :

  • Daily site walk to check the engineering systems and plant rooms.
  • Maintain records and escalate  abnormalities.
  • Weekly visual check on architectural and building services installations.
  • Immediate repairs as required
  • Records of visual check results with recommendations and implementation of  appropriate solutions .

Building Management Solutions :

  • GK operates Building Management Systems that  comprise of Access Control, CCTV, Fire Alarm and Building Automation systems, for efficient functioning and security of the premises.